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Our Wellness Services

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CryoFirst Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber
The concept of cooling the entire body inside a nitrogen-vapor infused system has been around since the 70’s when a doctor in Japan first developed the therapy for use on Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. Since then, the extreme cold therapy has been used on a wide array of conditions from Fibromyalgia, to Skin Conditions and even Weight Loss.
When the body experiences these temperatures, we call it Thermal Shock, it goes into a survival mode, whereas the blood is drawn from the extremities and brought into the core to protect the organs. This requires a lot of energy to warm the body, thus the caloric burn, and by moving the blood into the heart, it is re-oxygenated, with new hormones and proteins and targeting systemic inflammation in the body. For more information on the benefits of cryotherapy for the body, please ask one of our team members.
X-Cryo Local Cryotherapy System
Similar to Whole Body Cryotherapy, Local Cryotherapy targets the area that needs treatment, eliminating inflammation, swelling and pain at the point of contact. In addition, our XCryo Local Cryotherapy system is great for facials, skin tightening, collagen production for fine line removal, as well as hair follicle activation. The Blue Light face mask attachment is used to remove bacteria on the skin which is great for acne removal and skin rejuvenation.


NextFit Infrared Sauna
Since all of our therapies assist with mobilizing your body fluids, blood, oxygen, and flushing toxins out of your system, what a better way than to finish up your wellness regiment with a 30-minute detoxification therapy inside our NextFit Infrared Sauna – powered by CryoNext!
Sit comfortably inside our Infrared Sauna, while Infrared and Himalayan Salt panels radiate wellness all around you. As you detox all the bad toxins out, your body absorbs the mineral-rich atmosphere through your skin to give you the rejuvenation you need.

CryoShock Logo - Cryo in Fort Smith
Float Therapy in Fort Smith


Zerobody Dry Float
Dry Float means you can experience float therapy, without the hassle of getting undressed, soaking in water, and taking a shower after your sessions. This allows you more time to experience the true therapy of floating.
With our sound-canceling headphones, inside our meditative room, you will experience the sensory deprivation that adds to benefits of feeling suspended, free of the strains of gravity. In this “Theta” or “Delta” states, the mind and body goes through the healing phase and what we miss out on when we are always engaged with every day life. Schedule your Zerobody Dry Float today and experience what you’ve been missing!


Normatec Compression Systems
Why not assist your lymphatic system, with a little pneumatic, compression boost! A stronger, more even massage than what a masseuse can achieve, our Normatec Compression Systems can keep the fluids moving in your extremities, and squeeze out the lactic acid from your muscles to ease the tightness and pain from your extensive workouts or strenuous work activity.
We offer Leg, Arm, and Waist Compression therapies, targeting the areas that need it most. These are where the lymph nodes congregate the most and where our compression therapy goes to work. Since the lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump system, compression can assist flush them on a regular basis.

Compression in Fort Smith
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Celluma Red Light System
Low-level red light therapy has been known to assist with the activation of the ATP (adenosine tri phosphate), the life (energy) source of ever cell within the mitochondria. With pain, inflammation, partial tears in the muscles and tissue, Red Light therapy may help in rebuilding and repairing thus reducing inflammation and pain in chronic areas. Just because it’s “Chronic” doesn’t mean it’s “Permanent”!
Our Celluma technology is designed for portability, but broad enough to cover large areas for treatment. It also provides a Blue Light for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne removal and bacteria on the face, providing collagen repair and rebuilding as well as skin tightening results.


Hyperice Hypervolt
Muscle spasms, tight muscles, will find relief within a few minutes of trigger-point therapy with the Hyperice Hypervolt. Our technicians will be able to gently relieve that targeted pain within a matter of minutes with the Hypervolt.
The Hypervolt provides multiple intensity settings to ensure a comfortable therapeutic application. Don’t live with your pain and tightness. Let us provide you with the immediate relief you’re looking for.

Hypervolt in Fort Smith